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A photo of Miss Tudy an on-line Mistress
UK and all the World
A photo of Goddess Lena a True Foot Fetish Mistress in Mönchengladbach, Germany
Mönchengladbach, Germany
A photo of Mistress Vanessa in London, UK
London UK
A photo of Mistress Luna a Mistress in London
London UK
Click My Photo Mistress Izabel Click My Photo Miss Cat Le Beau Click My Photo Alexandra Wildfire Click My Photo Mistress Kiara
A photo of Mistress Izabel a True Mistress in London, UK
London UK
A photo of Miss Cat Le Beau in Brighton, UK
Brighton, East Sussex, UK
A photo of Alexandra Wildfire a True Mistress in London, UK
London UK
A photo of Mistress Kiara in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
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A photo of a Mistress in Argentina  
Mistresses in Argentina
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A photo of a Mistress in Australia   Mistress in Australia

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A photo of a Mistress in Brazil  
Mistress in Brazil
A photo of Mistress Luxy a True Mistress in Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
Mistress Luxy - A True Mistress in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Fulfil Your Fetishes and Fantasies With A Classic Dominatrix Relinquish control to an experienced and strong Goddess and glory in My powerful presence. This journey begins when you stand before My doorway into another world - uninhibited by taboos, censors and judgement. Your heart races in excitement and anticipation. Your mind is aroused by the sound of My heels growing louder as I approach. The door opens and you step inside. You feel My presence and a sense of calm... Website - REDIRECTED
A photo of Mistress Amanda in Hong Kong, China  
Amanda - A True Mistress in Hong Kong, China

I am a sexy, gorgeous and sweet independent HongKongese student, young, well-educated, fun-loving and honest. I am charismatic and absolutely love both men and women. I am tall and curvy, with long black curvy hair and a huggable body in fine silky smooth skin. Let me brighten up your day or evening gentlemen. Besides, I am ,indeed, The divine Domme that you've dreaming of. I have a passion in domination and offer a creative range of BDSM that make your fantasies to life in bedroom... Website
A photo of Mistress Euryale   Mistress Euryale a True Mistress in Hong Kong and Paris, France

Mistress Euryale is an International French Dominatrix based in Hong-Kong. After years of BDSM lifestyle, she began her life as a Pro Domme in Paris. In love of Chinese culture, she later settled in Hong-Kong and tours regularly in Asia and Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland...) to see her slaves and meet new subs. On her website Website she keeps memory of her sessions by writing and photography
A photo of Mistress Rose a True Mistress in Shanghai, China  
Mistress Rose - A True Mistress in Shanghai, China

Mistress Rose, the most sexy erotic English speaking Mistress in Shanghai, provides various sessions from soft to ... Website
A photo of Mistress Ada a True Mistress in Beijing, China  
Mistress Ada - A True Mistress in Beijing, China

Mistress Ada, also known as Your Heaven, is a gorgeous Mistress born for the art of Female Domination. She has been a pro domme for 10 years, including 3 years in Japan and 1 year in Hong Kong. She is a master of Japanese bondage. She provides full range of S/M services to men, women and couples. She currently residents in Beijing, China... Website
A photo of BackToDawn  
BackToDawn - A True Mistress in Shanghai, China

You must be familiar with BDSM games. Perhaps you are eager to become a subordinate, looking forward to finding a Mistress whom you admire and wish to serve with unselfish dedication.... Website
A photo of Kira Aikawa in Namba, Osaka, Japan  
Kira Aikawa - A True Mistress in Namba, Osaka, Japan

I'm the Japanese Mistress Kira a.k.a. Domina Kira. I am based in Osaka JAPAN. I am a strict, sensual and a sadistic Dominatrix. I am a professional and experienced. I cater for most aspects of domination, entertaining everyone from the novices to the more experienced players. Whether it is for your personal, dark desires or you wish to learn or experience something new and exciting to spice up you. You will learn to me how to serve and obey properly. I am strong beauty and friendly with a presence of a true and sophisticated, assertive lady. Submitting to me will come naturally. Study my website for an unforgettable domination experience and contact Me respectfully. Because I am a Dominatrix : Mistress Kira... Website
A photo of Mistress Saran in Osaka, Japan  
Mistress Saran - A True Mistress in Osaka, Japan

Mistress Saran is a stunningly beautiful and extremely skilful Japanese mistress, based in Osaka, Japan. She is highly proficient in Kinbaku, the Japanese art of Bondage, and enjoys every aspect of BDSM... Website
A photo of Domina Sauron a True Domina in Mexico City  
Domina Sauron - A True Domina in Mexico City, Mexico

I am a lifestyle/online Domme located in Mexico city, always glad of making someone's life miserable, you belong to Me as long as you can handle it. Address Me as Domina, your Lady or your Queen. Acknowledge that you are Mine to play with.

you'll be My entertainer and fun object. But don't even think for a moment you have Me, or My attention for granted. Take a dive into My world, let Me be your guide and tormentor into the depths of this abyss that I know you are so wishing to embrace... Website Not Working
A photo of Mistress Natasha Muller a True Mistress in Mexico City  
Mistress Natasha Muller - A True Mistress in Mexico City, Mexico

I Am a dominant Mistress, with an authoritarian personality. Extremely meticulous, perfectionist, elegant, sophisticated, reserved and very discreet.

I Am very polite. You will always address to Me both, personally and by mail, politely. I take into consideration those men in submissive condition, who are absolutely willing to please Me in all My preferences and whims, serve Me, entertain Me and obey Me. I do not scream or insult but I do constantly amaze them with My mischievousness and disciplinary techniques. ... Website Not Working
  New Zealand
A photo of Mistress Bridget a True Mistress in Auckland, New Zealand  
Mistress Bridget - A True Mistress in Auckland, New Zealand

I am passionately devoted to the arts of bondage, discipline, dominance and submission. I order you to explore the Arts of Domination where the line between pain and pleasure blurs. I have been practising safe S & M for nearly 15 years and can safely take you to places and explore fetishes and fantasies you may not have dared venture into before.

I want to take you on a journey you won't forget where you can trust, let go and enjoy expanding your limits under My control ...Website
A photo of a Mistress in Peru

Mistresses in Peru
A photo of Goddess Scarlette  
Goddess Scarlette - A True Mistress in Cebu City, Philippines

Goddess Scarlette, a young, sadistic and experienced Trans Dominatrix based in Cebu, Philippines. I get a genuine thrill out of having men bow down, submit and offer themselves to me. Since a very early age, I recognised my own Dominant personality and found that I enjoyed giving instructions and receiving service. Over time, this led to a passion and enthusiasm for D/s and BDSM as I looked to channel this natural Dominance into something worthwhile, something tangible. To that end, this passion and enthusiasm has led me to show you the real me, the real Goddess Scarlette... Website
A photo of Miss Brattinela a True Mistress in Manila, Philippines  
Miss Brattinela - A True Mistress in Manila, Philippines

I'm pretty and young, very experienced and can play at all levels, be you an expert or a virgin, I practice safe, sane and consensual play and will respect your limits. I'm very skilled in the arts of BDSM and Fetish and I love what I'm doing! I take equal pleasure in light BDSM sessions for the beginner as well as in No Limits sessions for slave veterans out there. I take bookings for short sessions or long adventures over several days and male, female or couples are most welcome... Redirected
  South Africa
A photo of Mistress Cleo a True Mistress in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa  
Mistress Cleo - A True Mistress in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Your submission to me and my power over you is a total turn on. The trust you give me excites me. Having you at my mercy arouses me. I have 23 years of experience and for me domination is not just a physical experience but a mental one as well. It is a spiritual journey I take in my mind as I exercise my power over you. Yes I am a sadist but I do not need to inflict pain on you...just as long as I have control. Whether you are a novice taking your first steps or an experienced player wanting to be pushed to the extremes of pain and pleasure, the control I exert over your mind is just as important as the physical control... Website has been REDIRECTED
A photo of Mistress Edz a True Mistress in Bangkok, Thailand  
Mistress Jaa - A True Mistress in Bangkok, Thailand

My name is Mistress Jaa. I am available for BDSM sessions here in Bangkok. I am a very experienced mistress and know how to control, manipulate and dominate weak, submissive slaves like you. Have you ever experienced a sexy Asian mistress Bangkok style? You will get down of your knee’s and worship the ground I walk on. I will tease you with my perfect young body and sensual voice to make you do every little thing I want. I will keep you horny and obedient for the whole session, you will be like putty in my hands as I instruct you to do things for me. Depending on my slave, there are plenty of things I like to do... Website Not Working
A photo of Thai Goddess X a True Mistress in Bangkok Thailand   Thai Goddess X - A True Mistresses in Thai Goddess X in Bangkok Thailand

A photo of a Mistress in Taiwan  
Mistresses in Taiwan
A photo of Mistress Dinah a True Mistress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
Mistress Dinah - A True Mistress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My name is Dominatrix Dinah, I am a sophisticated, beautiful, mature Domina from Amsterdam. I am extremely well known from my work and film productions at OWK. Fascinated by the Middle East and the fantasies of my subs I spent part of my time in Dubai. I see myself as an artist and the psyche of an obedient is my canvas.

My background in psychology gives me a good understanding of the origins of your fetishes. This, combined with my feminine powers, will bring your fantasy to life. Elegance, Sensuality and of course Domination are the words which describe my sessions...Website
A photo of a Mistress in Venezuela  
Mistresses in Venezuela
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