Our rules or conditions to get a FREE Photo listing on TrueMistresses.com
Your intention must be to provide REAL TIME SESSIONS in order to be Photo Listed here on at True Mistresses for FREE.
If you have a member site or a member’s area NO PROBLEM we can and will list you so long as you also do real-time sessions.

We will not list websites that have premium rate sex/domination lines on them for free. If you have 'one of those' website a listing fee applies go here to see our listing fees for those that have premium rate sex/domination lines on their websites.

We expect you to link back to TrueMistresses.com in return for free advertising on TrueMistresses.com and that link to be in a prominent position. If it is not in a prominent position your request to be listed will be declined. If you decide to have a FREE “Full Photo Listing” then the link back to TrueMistresss.com should be within the first 2 links on your website and on your front page if you have links or banners there.
We will not include or list any sub-domains or folders within websites that carry any click-through ads, pop-ups, and premium rate sex/domination telephone lines etc.
We will not list sites with entry or exit advertising pop-ups any site found do that will be banned, nor will we list sites that are clearly advertising some “other product” and using a Mistress promotional website just as a vehicle to do so.
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